Thursday, April 21, 2011

Play Fair Minibook

i proudly present my first design team project. the challenging thing about this was getting a box of paper and embellishments. period. now you would think that having an open field would make it easy but no! faced with wide open choices, it took me some time to settle down and choose a project - minibook. then i needed to find a cohesive theme - i'm very high concept and firmly believe that everything should tell a good story not just be pretty things lumped together.

so here it is, the "play fair" minibook. made of the glitz "love games" paper line and many of their embelishments, it has lots of little special features. zipper ribbon flowers and a secret heart made from maya road's zipper ribbon. fold outs, hidded pages and a minibook in the minibook. flowers made from paper, acrylic, crepe paper and zippers. a custom charm and spinner game! so many details!

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  1. Thank you for submitting your project to the Glitz Design sketch challenge! Unfortunately, the rules state that all projects must be new and never seen before, and this was posted in April. The project is very lovely though! Thanks for letting us see it!!