Monday, October 24, 2011

it's almost time for my favorite holiday, and as it approaches i immerse myself in spookiness, creepiness, and new techniques.

i needed to create a project for the authentique paper color challenge this month. the challenge colors were awesome - olive, black, white. perfect for halloween. i started by painting a 6x6 canvas square in avocado acrylic, and for the paper challenge i created a more paper-focused version.

using paper from authentique's "glowing" collection foundation paper, i created tiny paper bones - misting the paper heavily then squeezing and forming into boney shapes. then i used olive green from the "freebird" series to create smooshie flowers and stems.i tried paper quilling to create the word "eek", starting with thin strips of the foundation paper. then a little tearing, a little inking, a little stickling and we were in business.

of course after i created and submitted this, i wanted to do more. so i took a curley flourish stamp and stamped the edges of the canvas. i used black stickles to cover black chipboard die cut flourishes, and then decided i needed more. so next came a tiny black stickle spider - eek! a tiny raven finished it off.

i really like the way the second version turned out, and my note to myself is to not hold back on the authentique challenges - it's ok to load up the project a little more. after all, there's no such thing as too sparkly is there?

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  1. No, sparkly is GOOD. I love the finished product!