Monday, December 26, 2011

alterered jeans

today's project started out with a little pair of jeans i couldn't get rid of. they were my daughter's, and they were just too cute to part with. but i didn't know what i wanted to actually do with them. and then i thought "ALBUM COVER" and so gypsies, here we go!

i used a combination of paper collections for this albumn - "uncommon", "gathering", "journey", "blissful", and "splendid" as well as some pieces from our "freebird" papers. i also used some cardboard from a xmas box for the inside covers, and miscellaneous buttons, flowers, and sparkly bits. i left the pockets intact and the make great extra little tag and keepsake pockets.


  1. Love this album - very clever!

  2. Saw this over on the Authentique blog. I'm going to file this idea for the next pair of jeans the kids outgrow.

  3. really cute idea! Love how you put it all together!