Sunday, April 15, 2012

bon ton mini album

welcome gypsies!
i learned a very important lesson this past week - mochas and crafting do...not...mix...
long story short is that i had my project all laid out on my table, reached for my new hot mocha and *tip* over it went. wiped out the entire table's worth of project - paper, ribbons, embellishments. on the up side, it did create a really cool "staining" on my old book pages that i planned on using. and the pieces that did survive had a lovely coffee scent.

so after a temper tantrum, some creative swearing and a trip back to the scrapbook store, i was back at work. and the new mocha sat in exile on a different table until i was finished.

the result was this little gem for my scrapbook island design team project. c'est sweet! the entire book is made with "french kiss" from glitz. inspired by their new layering papers, i tried lots of ... well, layering. i loved the results and hope you do too.

thanks for stopping by the caravan! make sure you visit this week as the gypsy caravans along with authentique & maya road on our special cross-promo week! i'll be posting a very special project on wed so make sure to stop by!

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