Thursday, September 1, 2011

do not fear the minibook...

or should we...
a gypsy commented on my "pretty little things" minibook post and said that she had always been afraid of minibooks. i found this intriguing... what could she be afraid of exactly... paper cuts? pointy objects hidden in the pockets?

but then i started to think about it and she's right! minibooks are frightening! sure they look small and innocent, sitting there on the shelf all pretty and proud. but how do you start one, and once started how do you know when to stop!? what if you just keep making page after page until the minibook becomes the size of a phone book? then again no one uses those but they keep showing up on our doorsteps so maybe we should be afraid of them instead.

and then i thought maybe the scary part is, what do you do with a minibook when it's done? i have to admit i have a small army of minibooks in my crafty corner. they're beautiful, and quirky, and so perfect by themselves that i've never actually put anything in them. now i wonder if this makes them angry... like one day i'm going to look over at the crafty corner and the minibooks will all have set themselves out on my table...neatly a crop circle...or that scary "blair witch" symbol. a silent paper protest to being made but never used.

i think i need to sleep with my light on...and with a craft knife...

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  1. too funny (is that because I can relate? to the "collection" of pretties without pictures that is!