Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Life around the studio

So I have a big life and a small house. Also a family, two cats, a rabbit and two Saint Bernards. (Now go back and reread that last bit because I really do have two Saint Bernards). Which means that space is always a premium and creative storage is a must.

This is my studio - aka where the magic happens. Technically it's the corner between the living room and family room that's been stacked with plastic bins and a desk made from two file cabinets and some plywood. My craft table is a very cool, vintage kitchen table that has fold-down wings.

It takes some ingenuity to fit all of my craft supplies in this space. Actually there's a lot of chaos that has been cropped out of the shot for today. When company comes over I typically shove as much as possible under the desk and then tuck the chair up to cover it. By folding down the wings of the table and turning it against the wall o' supplies, I can pretend that the corner is tidy. Delusion is essential to working in the corner.

Working in the main part of the house also means I get a lot of help. This is Daisy, hanging out while I climb a chair to take this pic to share with the design team at Authentique Paper. Daisy wanted to make sure I had something (someone) to fall over when I was done shooting. Her favorite position was actually right up against any chair I sat in, making it impossible to leap to me feet and run for coffee at a moment's notice.

Photographing projects can be a challenge too. Before I bought fancy lighting, I used the natural light in a couple of strategic locations around the house. Early mornings, I would shoot in the dining area on top of the sideboard. Pumpkin decided I didn't have enough stress just meeting the deadline, I needed the stress of him helping me redrape the drapery. Note the drape is truly that - it's the curtain panel from the window to the left, where the natural light is coming from.

I try to shoot outside in the backyard as much as possible for true natural light and more space to work. However, the backyard has its challenges too.

Working in such a small space means a certain amount of sprawl is inevitable. Here both Pumpkin and Loki decide to help me out by sprawling for me.

2014 is going to be the "Year of the Reorg" for me. The family room is getting finished off with cabinets, bookcases, and a real desk for me. Which means lots of organizing and purging of extra supplies - I actually get a little turn-on by organizing and getting rid of old stuff aka brilliant ideas I never brought to life.

So stay tuned as the studio gets a facelift, and my studio assistants Sparkles and Pumpkin (aka Kitties of Destruction) and Loki and Thor (aka Pups of Doom) continue to support me the best way they know how. By lying around, nibbling edges and shaking drooly faces right over my fresh new project.

Life is grand.

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