Wednesday, July 13, 2011

i'm feeling so authentique!

my continuing adventures as a scrapbook store design team member have taken me from discovering new creative heights, to teaching my first class, to peaking this month with one of my projects getting taken to CHA by a very cool and groovy vendor - more on that tomorrow.

so each month i get a pizza box of joy, plain white on the outside but filled with color and texture on the inside.

this month's adventure is "authentique" - the new paper company everyone has been waiting for. i was lucky enough to get a whole pizza box full of their "journey" line - all blues, beiges and browns with travel-themed extras.

while i haven't yet started my "journey" yet, i was very excited to visit authentique's facebook page and website today. it seems everyone is buzzing about them, and since my design project this month is all about them, i thought i'd buzz a little for them too.

stay tuned to see what i make this month. i'll be sure to post everywhere!

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