Thursday, July 14, 2011

pardon me while i glue myself to the table

so insomnia, creative outbursts, and glue, just shouldn't mix. witness the fact that i am wide awake at a god awful hour of the morning with my elbow glued to...

but let's go back a bit shall we?

it all started at 1:00am, when my brain, as it should have been drifting off to dream about russell crowe, instead started thinking of cool make-and-take ideas and promptly went into overdrive. ink...glue...stamps...distressing...more ink...a skeleton...because it's not good unless there's a skeleton involved...more glue...

by 1:30am i had given up trying to sleep, and frankly the snoring husband and saint bernard next to me just weren't helping anyway.

at 1:35am i am happily seated at the crafting table and i'm thinking "hey, this is great! i'm alone, it's quiet, i can do anything i want..." so i start fiddling with things. looking at papers, opening every stamp drawer, poking my ink pads to see what happens.

after a few minutes of generally farting around, i actually get my groove. i'm die cutting, inking and stamping, distressing edges, tearing open every embellishment drawer looking for that cool little trinket that will make this the best make-and-take ever!

and then i find it...the perfect button, plus some crystals to make it bling bling. i just pour on the glue, add the crystals and wait for it to dry before attaching it to my make-and-take and reveling in my creative awesomeness.

and then i rest my chin in my hands for a bit, thinking about how fabulous i am and how this will be the best make-and-take ever.

and when it's time to glue the fabulous bling bling thing to the make-and-take it is also time to discover...

i have glued my sleeve to the table.

so the moral of the story is that i should probably not drink so much caffeine, and stay the hell in bed instead of wandering around the house affixing myself to stuff.

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