Monday, November 14, 2011

don't bug me i'm crafting

so, i'll be the first to admit that i get a little focused when i'm designing. i noodle the ideas around in my head for days, working through what i want to do while i'm - driving the girl around, doing laundry, scooping up after our saint bernard. my eyes glaze over during other people's conversation as i solve a technique problem, or come up with a great new concept.

i spend a lot of time just thinking, so when i've finally noodled enough and sit down at the craft table my mantra is "don't bug me" often accompanied by dirty looks and heavy sighs. because you know, as soon as i sit down at my craft table, everyone needs me.

now, i love my family. i have a husband, a daughter, a saint bernard, two cats, a rabbit, assorted fish and a lizard in my house. i have loving parents, friends, and lots of aunties and uncles and cousins. but why do they all need me as soon as my butt hits the chair?

this weekend i was in creative overdrive - mostly self-created of course. i had lots i wanted to get done, and the family was going to be gone for most of the day for "daddy/daughter time".  here's how it went:

9:00am - family gone out, time to work
9:01am - dog needs out
9:05am - dog needs back in
9:25am - fat cat tries to jump onto craft table, grabs glue gun cord as he falls off the table edge, i can't stop laughing, cat tries to pretend he just really needed the glue gun
9:30am - i need coffee for this, run to starbucks
10:00am - dog needs out
10:05am - dog needs back in followed by extensive petting and love
10:15am - dog shakes head and showers me, the craft table and the project with drool
10:16am - clean up drool, shoo dog onto giant dog cushie
10:20am - phone rings, i ignore it and listen to the vmail from my mom wondering why she never gets to talk to me, she always gets the answering machine. no comment.
10:22am - working, finally
10:45am - dog needs a cookie
10:47am - grey cat is playing with something...alive
10:48am - after screaming like a big girl i get the lizard away from grey cat and release it back to the wild where it plays dead - probably in shock from my screams
10:49am - working, finally, again
11:00am - family home, "mom what's for lunch?" me: "i thought you guys would eat out", child: "but we wanted to eat with you..."
11:01am - put head down on table and cry

happy crafting everyone! if you stopped by for the "so knotty" tutorial, click here

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