Wednesday, November 16, 2011

so knotty tutorial - loop-d-loop card

welcome back gypsies! i hope you've had fair travels so far this week. today's "so knotty" is the "loop-d-loop" card, a variation on the faux spiral notebook. ready? set? away we go!
first off was choosing the materials. for this card i chose some craft paper and some sheets from authentique's "free birds", little 6"x6" sheets you can buy individually for your own matching - sweet! and the twinery's "pink sorbet" is a perfect color match.

the craft paper is the card base, so after cutting it to 6"x 8", i tore 1/4" off the bottom edge of the card front. the floral paper is trimmed to 3"x5". the ledger paper is trimmed to 2"x4", making sure to fit in the watermark of bicycles.
next i pierced all around the edge of the card at 3/8" increments - tim holtz's acrylic ruler is perfect for this by the way, now that he's told me there are piercing holes in the ruler! i also lightly sanded the edges of the card because of course i can't have any plain edges.
using my biggest paper needle, i am able to thread the twine through and sew all the way around the card. i worked very loosely, using my pinkie as the loop guide and adjust as i went.
after lightly inking the edges of the ledger paper with "worn lipstick" distress ink, i layered the card papers and then pressed and flattened the twine loops into place.
and then the final touches - i love this part of the project! this time i chose a selection of random cool words and applied them to card's inside bottom edge, so they show below the torn cover edge. a postage stamp bicycle, circle type and a wheel tied on make for a joyful ride!

i hope today's "knottiness" inspired you, and was as much fun for you to see, as it was for me to make. don't forget to leave a comment below, and return to the caravan on november 19 for the "home sweet home hanger".

remember, every time you visit, you are entered to win this oh-so-knotty prize, so please enjoy your journeys this week, and see you back at the caravan.


  1. Great Knotty card! Love all the loops!

  2. So cute. Love those bikes!

  3. Creative use of the twine. Cute card.

  4. Hey I didn't know that about Tims ruler either. I need to get me one. I love your card, you're rocking the loopiness!