Saturday, November 26, 2011

so knotty tutorial - sweater letters

welcome back for the very last "so knotty" tutorial. this one is actually my favorite, and it looks like it was a hit with a lot of you gypsies. so hold on to your knitting needles, and away we go!

now, i made xmas letters, but you can use this technique to create letters for any time of year. and the best thing is that you can use any left-over chipboard letters for this.

 i secured the end of the twine with a little dab from the hot glue gun,
to anchor the twine and make it easier to "knit"
 once the anchor point is secure, start wrapping the twine around the letter.
keep wrapping until the entire letter is covered, then use another little dab of hot glue
to secure the end of the twine on the back.

and that's it! really! that's all there is to it.

thanks everyone for coming to the caravan for "so knotty" this month. i hope you've learned some tricks and been inspired. the "so knotty" prize winner will be announced december 1. so make sure to return and find out if you've won, and also to see the first oh-so-jolly xmas project!


  1. This is a great one- love the sweater letters and can think of a lot of use for them!

  2. love it, coming to a layout page soon!

  3. I've been wanting to make a word with twine and wrapped letters--LOVE! And the color combinations are endless--LOVE it:) Great tutorial!